FY 2000 Instruction Memorandums




8/22/00IM-NM-2000-053Fieldwork Authorization Status of Individuals Named on Cultural 
Resource Use Permits Denied for Cause
8/10/00IM-NM-2000-052Identification of Priority Hazardous Material/Abandoned Mine Land Sites
7/13/00IM-NM-2000-048What You Need to Know to Manage Your Electronic Mail Records
-Attachment 1
6/27/00IM-NM-2000-045Employee Emergency Evacuation Plan
6/20/00IM-NM-2000-044Strategy for Streamlining Section 7 Consultations
1/14/00IM-NM-2000-020Smoking Policy
1/6/00IM-NM-2000-016Safety and Health Policy
3/7/01IM-NM-2000-013C1Emergency Situation Procedures (Inclement Weather) - Amendment
12/14/99IM-NM-2000-013Emergency Situation Procedures (Inclement Weather)
12/3/99IM-NM-2000-010Information on Directionally Drilled Oil and Gas Wells
10/22/1999IM-NM-2000-005Memorandum of Understanding with the 
New Mexico Abandoned Mine Land Bureau