Hutchinson Correctional Facility
Saving Horses—Changing Men

Photo from the Hutchinson Correctional Facility
Through a unique partnership with the Kansas Department of Corrections and Kansas Correctional Industries, the BLM offers gentled wild horses for adoption at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility in Hutchinson, Kansas. These are animals that have been halter- or saddle-trained by inmates in a rehabilitation program.
This arrangement adds value to the horses while allowing the agency to offer them for adoption for the minimum fee of $125. Note: Certain special use horses (e.g. driving teams) may be offered for different fees.
In addition to benefitting the horses and the adopting public, the training program at Hutchinson also helps prepare inmates for their eventual reintroduction into society, by instilling important values such as discipline, work and respect. Approximately 14-18 minimum security inmates participate in the program at any given time. As they progress through the program, inmates move from providing basic care for the horses (feeding, watering, cleaning), to actual training, under the supervision and guidance of professional trainers and correctional staff.
The Hutchinson facility is designed to hold 350 horses in multiple enclosures and pens. In addition to boarding and training stalls, there are multiple riding rings and a large enclosed building that can be used for training during inclement weather. The entire facility was built by inmates using donated materials, including surplus highway guardrails from the Kansas Department of Transportation.
Untrained adult and yearling horses in holding at Hutchinson are also available for adoption. BLM will pay a $500 care and feeding allowance to adopters of adult untrained horse (four years old and older).

Adoption Details

Adopters must be pre-approved by the BLM to adopt horses at the Hutchinson facility.

Adoption fees for horses at Hutchinson are payable by check or money order only (no cash, credit or debit cards).

Click here to download an application which you can submit to the BLM for approval.

Mail applications to:

BLM - Oklahoma Field Office
Attn: Wild Horse & Burro Program
Federal Courthouse
200 Northwest 4th Street, 
Room 2401
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Note: Be sure to include a return address.

Appointments are necessary to view and adopt horses at the Hutchinson facility. To schedule an appointment, call 620-728-3296.
Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday, 7:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
Annual Open House
Hutchinson and the BLM hold a two-day Open House at the facility every summer. Inmates conduct training demos all weekend. Adoption applications can be submitted and approved on site during the Open House. Click here for Open House dates and times.

The facility is located 1/4 mile west of Hwy 61 on G Street in Hutchinson, Kansas.