Application Instructions

Application Form 4710-010

Use this form to describe the facility where you will keep the animal until it is gentled enough to release into a pasture. (NOTE: The adopter does not have to live at the facility where the animal(s) will be located. However, the adopter does have to attend the adoption in order to sign the maintenance agreement.)

Once you have completed the form, you may either:


Bureau of Land Management
200 NW 4th St, Rm. 2401
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

BLM at (405) 234-5909



To the adoption site during the scheduled event. 

Note: Applications that are incomplete, or do not meet the minimum application requirements will not be approved.

For your records, please make a copy of all paperwork before it is submitted to BLM.

Special Information:

  • Two weeks prior to a scheduled adoption, you will receive a notice with upcoming adoption information.
  • You do not pay an adoption fee unless you adopt an animal!




Upon receipt of your application, BLM will mail out a letter explaining your approval, or reason for disapproval. Approval can take place in a day's time. (Note: If BLM receives an application during the week of an upcoming adoption, it will be brought to the adoption.)

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 1-800-237-3642