Wild Rivers Backcountry Byway

The Wild Rivers Backcountry Byway is a 13 mile closed-loop road providing access to BLM's Wild Rivers Recreation Area within the Río Grande National Monument.  The double-lane, low-speed, paved road provides the visitor with access to scenic views and recreational facilities in the Recreation Area.

For information regarding what you will see, or the public lands you will have access to along the byway, see BLM's Wild Rivers Recreation Area website.

Scenic driving, hiking, camping, picnicking, watchable wildlife, fishing, bicycling.

Location / Access
The Wild Rivers Backcountry Byway is located in northern New Mexico, 26 miles north of Taos and 17 miles south of the Colorado-New Mexico state line, near the town of Questa.  From New Mexico Highway 522, turn west onto NM 378 approximately 2 miles north of Questa.  The byway is an extension of NM 378 into BLM's Wild Rivers Recreation Area.

The road is maintained during winter months; however snow can temporarily restrict access pending the availability of snow clearing equipment.

Wild Rivers Backcountry Byway

BLM Backcountry Byway Hiking/Backpacking Camping Picnicking Watchable Wildlife
Fishing Bicycle Trail


Open year-round.

Recreation Guidelines
BLM Recreation Guidelines

See Contact Information below to obtain maps or visit the Public Lands Information Center.

Contact Information
Taos Field Office
226 Cruz Alta Road
Taos, NM  87571-5983