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Rio Chama Wild and Scenic River

Rio Chama Permits

Because of the demand for trips in late spring and summer, the BLM uses a lottery system to reserve weekend (Friday-Saturday) launch dates from May 1 through Labor Day weekend. Please note that for a launch after Labor Day and before May 1, no advance reservation is required – you simply show up at the launch site, fill out a registration form, pay the fees, and go.

Rio Chama Lottery Application for a Weekend Launch

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Map of the Wild and Scenic Rio Chama 

The Rio Chama, a major tributary of the Rio Grande, flows through a multi-colored sandstone canyon whose walls increase to 1,500 feet above the river as you travel downstream. Co-managed by BLM and the Forest Service (FS), 24.6 miles of the river is Congressionally designated as a Wild and Scenic River and flows through the Rio Chama Wilderness Study Area managed by the BLM, and the Chama River Canyon Wilderness managed by the U.S. Forest Service.
Towering cliffs, heavily wooded side canyons, and historical sites offer an outstanding wild river backdrop for the angler or boater.  To protect the river environment from overuse, and to maintain an opportunity for a high quality experience, boating is limited to set number of boaters per day.  There is a lottery system to assign launch dates. (See “Boating Information” below.)

Boating, camping, fishing, hiking/backpacking, wildlife viewing.

Fishing is especially good on the upper mile of this river segment. Car camping is popular on the lower 8 miles, and float boaters enjoy two- or three-day trips on Class II rapids on the entire 31-mile segment (advance permits required), or half-day trips on the lower segment (no advance permits required).

Restrooms and drinking water are located at El Vado Ranch.

There are no facilities on the river itself. Solid human waste must be carried out in a washable re-usable container, no plastic bags allowed. River toilets that meet requirements are available at river equipment outlets. ECO Safe, River Bank Toilet, Coleman or Jon-ny Partner brands may be purchased at: or Liquid (kitchen) waste should be strained into the river.

Location & Access
El Vado Ranch is reached via NM 112 from US 84 near Tierra Amarilla. Forest Road 151 just north of Ghost Ranch on US 84 reaches the lower part of the river. Forest Road 151 is a dirt road and not easily accessible when wet.

Boating Information
The recommended minimum flow requirements for kayaks, canoes, and rafts less than 12' is 300 cfs.  For rafts over 12' in length the recommended minimum from is 500 cfs. The BLM manages a 31-mile stretch of the Rio Chama – from El Vado Ranch to the Big Eddy takeout. Another put-in/take-out spot is Chavez Canyon, which is about 22.25 miles from El Vado Ranch and 8.25 miles from the Big Eddy takeout. Click here for a detailed description of this Rio Chama segment. 

  • Maximum group size 16
  • Launch Lottery / Summer Season -- All launches on the 31 mile wilderness segment of the Rio Chama from May 1 to Labor Day must have an advance permit. BLM’s Taos Field Office administers a lottery to distribute weekend launch dates from May 1 through Labor Day. Applications are due before January 31. Lottery winners may launch any time on either Friday or Saturday. We will take requests for weekday launch (Sunday-Thursday) starting the first business day of April. Call Mark Sundin at 575-751-4720 or 575-758-8851.  Private or Self-Guided Trips / Chavez Canyon -- No advance reservation or fees are required for day trips launching from Chavez Canyon, just below the Monastery. All you need to do for this day-run is fill out a boater registration form with the BLM before you launch.
  • Shuttle Service
    Up the Creek Shuttle
    $80 from El Vado Ranch to Big Eddy
    $120 from El Vado Ranch to Chavez Canyon

To apply for a lottery-assigned launch date, you must be at least 18 years old, fill out the postcard completely and send it back with a check for $6 made out to "USDI-BLM." Please submit 1 application per individual. You will increase your chance for success if you put down more than 1 choice for a lottery-assigned launch. By March 1, we will notify all applicants by return postcard of their launch date, if their application was drawn, or that they were unsuccessful.

If a trip leader must cancel, he/she can transfer the permit to another member of the group, or can give the launch up so that BLM can reassign it to another group. No waiting list is maintained, but sometimes a last minute caller may acquire a cancelled launch.

All boaters, regardless of season, must fill out a boater registration form at the launch site, pay BLM a $5 fee per person, and any fees required by the owners of the launch site (El Vado, aka Cooper’s Ranch, 575.588.7354).


  • Summer Season, May 1 - Labor Day 
    Launches between May 1 and Labor Day require an advance reservation. Weekends are assigned by lottery and weekdays by telephone reservation. Flows are highly variable, based on water availability, irrigation demand, and rainfall. Please watch for flow information on the USGS website or call 1-888-882-6188 for a recording that includes flow status.
  • Winter Season, Labor Day - April 30
    Advance reservations are not required. However, winter minimum flows are around 50 cfs, which is not a boatable flow. Please self register at the put-in with the number of people in your group.

River Flow Information

River Flow Levels -- River flow levels are unpredictable, so boaters should monitor the USGS website, or contact BLM, for current information.

    • USGS Water Resource Division - New Mexico District
    • BLM 888.882.6188 (Recorded Message).

Planning Your Trip

Most outfitted trips on the Rio Chama last two days, beginning at Cooper's Ranch just below El Vado Dam and ending 31 miles downstream at Big Eddy takeout. Day trips are also available which last about 5 hours. The river passes through designated wilderness on the upper stretches; the lower section is lightly developed and very scenic.  Commercial river outfitters are permitted by the BLM to provide trips to the public. All companies meet strict guidelines for equipment safety and guide experience. For a list of permitted river outifitters, call 575-758-8851 or click here. You may also take your own (or rented) boat down these rivers. Please review BLM's recommended river safety tips.

Rio Chama Wild & Scenic River

Photo Gallery (Flickr)

Hiking/Backpacking Kayaking Rafting Camping Fishing
Watchable Wildlife


$5 per person for the entire 31-mile run. Group size maximum 16 people.

$6 per application lottery fee for 31-mile run during the summer. Contact the Taos Field Office for more information.

No charge for put-in at Chavez Canyon.

Shuttle Service
Up the Creek Shuttle
$85 from El Vado Ranch to Big Eddy
$130 from El Vado Ranch to Chavez Canyon

Commercial and Private River Trips
Outfitted River Trips                

Open year-round.
Winter conditions may be severe.

Recreation Guidelines
BLM Recreation Guidelines
River Safety Tips and Required Items

Map of the Wild & Scenic Rio Chama
BLM: Abiquiu and Chama.
See Contact Information below to obtain maps or visit the Public Lands Information Center.

Contact Information
Taos Field Office
226 Cruz Alta Road
Taos, NM  87571-5983
River Information Recording: 888.882.6188

Contact the U.S. Forest Service, Coyote Ranger District for questions on recreation in the lower stretches (Chavez Canyon and downstream), or resource management of the lower stretch 575-638-5526.

Contact El Vado Ranch for questions about fees and services at the privately owned launch site, or about fishing 575-588-7354.