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Backcountry Byways

BLM's National Backcountry Byways and Scenic Drives offer opportunities to rediscover the splendor of the West's public lands. The program combines America's love affair with motor vehicles together with the outdoors. Whether you like air-conditioned cars, or open four-wheel drive vehicles, there's a backcountry byway waiting for you to explore. Backcountry byways and scenic corridors are off the beaten path. Some are near rural communities, giving you a chance to visit, eat, stay overnight, or just relax in "Small Town U.S.A."

What is a Backcountry Byway?

The Backcountry Byways & Scenic Drives are part of the National Scenic Byway system -- a selection of the country's most scenic roads identified and managed for the enjoyment of the millions of people who drive for pleasure. Unlike most scenic byways, which are located on paved highways, backcountry byways focus on the out-of-the-way sights to be found on gravel, dirt, or paved roads. These are routes that may not be suitable for all vehicles. However, for those with appropriate vehicles, the backcountry byway program can offer an intimate view of a variety of areas, off the beaten path.

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Backcountry Byways Backcountry Byways

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