Geographic Sciences

The source for GIS data files, plot files and other information at BLM New Mexico. 

Map of New Mexico

Interactive Web Map
Check out the latest interactive web map developed by BLM-New Mexico. This map features data from many aspects of the BLM’s work, including natural resource planning and oil and gas development.
Launch Map

Statewide Map Files 
   PDF Map files & GIS datasets.
   New Mexico 1:100K Maps

Field Office Map Files
   Carlsbad Field Office
   Farmington Field Office
   Rio Puerco Field Office

Spatial Data/Metadata: Datasets are available as shapefiles (.shp)
   New Mexico Statewide Spatial Data / Metadata
   Carlsbad Field Office Spatial Data / Metadata
   Farmington Field Office Spatial Data / Metadata
   Las Cruces District Office Spatial Data / Metadata

Mobile Hunting/Recreation Maps
BLM-New Mexico has partnered with the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish (NMDGF) to offer maps of NMDGF Big Game hunting units on the CarryMap Observer application.