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BLM-New Mexico’s forestry program manages two million acres of forests and woodlands ranging from mixed conifer and aspen in the southern Rocky Mountains near Taos to ponderosa pine in western NM, to oak and juniper savannahs along the border with Mexico. The goals of the forestry program are to improve forest health, reduce the risk of large, catastrophic wildfire, and improve wildlife habitat. To achieve these objectives, BLM applies forest management practices that also provide wood products and important economic opportunities for local communities.

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The majority of BLM woodlands in New Mexico is piñon and juniper. Managed for a variety of uses, woodlands provide valuable wildlife habitat while producing fuelwood, posts, poles, and other forest products of benefit to local communities. BLM-New Mexico is actively involved in collaborative woodland restoration projects, including thinning to improve vegetative diversity, prescribed fire and replanting of native restoration.


BLM-New Mexico has an active firewood permit program located primarily in the Rio Puerco, Taos and Farmington Field Offices. Contact your nearest BLM office to obtain a wood permit, map and current information on restrictions. A valid permit must be in your possession at all times when cutting and removing forest products. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase a permit. 

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Illegal woodcutting activities have occurred in areas managed by BLM’s Albuquerque and Farmington District Offices. These are popular areas for hiking and dispersed recreation and have scenic and resource values that are important to many people.

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Illegal Woodcutting

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