Rio Grande Gorge, New Mexico
Mimbres Black-on-White Bowl, New Mexico Lesser Prairie Chicken, New Mexico Rafting the Rio Grande, New Mexico Wild Horse, New Mexico Oil Rig, Oklahoma
New Mexico
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Program Objectives

Respond in a legally and professionally adequate manner to (1) the statutory authorities concerning historic preservation and cultural resource protection, and (2) the principles of multiple use and ecosystem management.

Recognize the potential public and scientific uses of, and the values attributed to, cultural resources on the public lands, and manage the lands and cultural resources so that these uses and values are not diminished, but rather are maintained and enhanced.

Contribute to land use planning and the multiple use management of the public lands in ways that make optimum use of the thousands of years of land use history inherent in cultural resource information, and that safeguard opportunities for attaining appropriate uses of cultural resources.

Protect and preserve in place representative examples of the full array of cultural resource on public lands for the benefit of scientific and public use by present and future generations.

Ensure that proposed land uses, initiate or authorized by BLM, avoid inadvertent damage to Federal and non-Federal cultural resources.