Cultural Permittee Information

The New Mexico BLM’s cultural resources management program is designed as a comprehensive system for identifying, planning the appropriate use of, and managing cultural resources on the public lands in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas. Read more about the Program Objectives.

Program Components

The cultural resources management program has two basic driving forces. First, the program carries out proactive activities related to the protection, research, and interpretation of the resources. Activities such as stabilization, non-project inventories, sponsored field schools, Project Archeology, museum displays, and publications fall into this field.

Second, the program provides support to other activities so that the management and development of public lands can proceed in accordance with the National Historic Preservation Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, E.O. 13007(Sacred Sites), and other legal requirements.


Revised Handbook H-8100-1
Procedures for Performing Cultural Resource Fieldwork on Public Lands in the Area of New Mexico State BLM Responsibilities (PDF)

Individual Permittee Qualifications
(Excerpt from H-8100-1)


Interim Guidelines for Collecting and Reporting Global Positioning System (GPS) Cultural and Paleontological Site Location Information