BLM New Mexico Supplementary Rules

(BLM New Mexico administers the programs in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas)


Unless otherwise authorized by the BLM, on all BLM public lands within the State of New Mexico no person shall:

Amarillo Field Office

Enter the Cross Bar by members of the public without a permit authorization

Public Lands - General

Construct/maintain pit toilet lasting more than 14 days/within 100 feet of any permanent water source

Dump/dispose of sewage except at facilities provided

Camp longer than 14 days in any 28 day period within 25 mile radius

Park any motor vehicle longer than 30 minutes or camp within 300 yards of any natural/manmade water source

Park/leave unattended a vehicle or camp at trailhead in violation of posted instructions

Dispose of any burning/smoldering material except at  facilities provided

Violate terms/conditions/stipulations of any permit or use authorization

Fail to show permit/use authorization to BLM employee upon request

Camp/occupy or build fire in/on any historic/prehistoric  structure/ruin/site

Operate an off-road vehicle without approved spark arrester and muffler

Operate/park or leave unattended a motorized vehicle in violation of posted restrictions or in such a manner or location to:

  • Create a safety hazard
  • Interfere with other authorized users or uses
  • Obstruct/impede normal or emergency traffic movement
  • Interfere/impede administrative activities
  • Interfere with the parking of other vehicles

Park more than 300 feet from an existing or designated Route

Operate a vehicle in violation of state law/regulation

Failure to display state OHV registration

Possess/use fireworks

Sell or make a gift of an alcoholic beverage to person under 21 years

Possess alcoholic beverage, persons under 21 years

Ignite/burn any material containing/producing hazardous/toxic material

Carry concealed weapons in violation of state law

Discharge firearm or any implement capable of taking a human life/causing injury/damaging property within150 yards of residence/building/campsite/developed recreation site/occupied area On/from/across a developed road/within fenced ROW within 40 feet of unfenced road/across body of water/recklessly/carelessly if any person/property is exposed to injury/damage

Use weapons in violation of state law within developed campsites/picnic areas or within 150 yards of developed recreation sites/areas

Disorderly Conduct

Fail to prevent pet from harassing/molesting/injuring/killing humans/domesticated animals/wildlife/livestock

Fail to comply with State boating regulations

Enter cave without safety helmet and three sources of light

Possess glass container where prohibited

Cut/remove/transport woody materials

Remove/transport any mineral resources without permit

Annoy/disturb bats/raptors/reptiles including nesting sites or areas, or other protected species

Violate any state conservation/natural resource protection law/regulation

Unattended campfire/fail to extinguish


Developed recreation area and sites, special recreation management areas

On all BLM managed developed recreation areas and sites within the State of New Mexico no person shall:

Reserve camping space, except at group facilities

Camp longer than 7 days in 28 day period - must move 25 miles and not return within 30 days

Park more than two 4-wheeled vehicles or five 2- or 3-wheeled vehicles and occupy site with more than 15 individuals except at group sites

More than two motorized vehicles and/or 10 individuals at any one approved site not designated for group use or parking

Vehicles off existing/designated roads/trails unless on facilities provided for such use

Park/occupy a parking space posted or marked for handicapped use without displaying official identification tag/plate

Camp/occupy between 10 p.m. – 6 a.m. at Black Rock Spring, County Line, John Dunn Bridge, Lover’s Lane, Manby Hot Springs, Quartzite, La Ventana Natural Arch, Tent Rocks, Bluewater Canyon, Canon Tapia, Guadalupe Ruin and community, Ward Ranch Recreation area./sites, Wild Rivers Bear Crossing and Chawalauna Overlooks, Orilla Verde gauging station picnic site

Failure to maintain quiet hours between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Engage in noncommercial floatboating without the following items for each person/boat/group:  Approved U.S. Coast Guard Type I, III or V life preserver which must be worn at all times while on rivers

First aid kit for each group

Other items required by permit for use of a river segment

Build/tend/use a campfire except in places provided for

Build/tend/use a campfire in Tent Rocks Recreation Area

Ride a horse/bicycle in areas/trails posted closed to such use

Launch/take out boats, except in an emergency, at any site within Orilla Verde Recreation Area not designated for such use

Use motorized craft within Rio Grande Wild & Scenic River, Lower Gorge Special Recreation Management area between County Line and Velarde Diversion Dam, Rio Chama Wild & Scenic River

Operate non-street legal motorized vehicles within boundaries of all recreation areas/sites

Operate motor vehicles within Ignacio Chavez Grant or Elk Springs during seasonal closures

Operate motor vehicle within San Ysidro Trails Limited Area except as authorized by special use permit

Park a vehicle other than in areas established for such use or further than 25 feet from designated roads along wilderness area boundaries

Cut/gather green trees or parts/remove down or standing dead wood for any purpose

Collect other natural resources/minerals/cultural/historic artifacts that require permits

Climb/walk on “Tent Rock Formation” in Tent Rocks Recreation Area

Participate in technical rock climbing within La Ventana Natural Arch area

Use mechanized equipment for “highbanking”

Fail to immediately remove/dispose of in a sanitary manner all pet fecal matter/trash/garbage/waste

Bring a pet on any nature/interpretive trail/cave/freshwater spring signed as closed to pets.  Handicap assistance animals are exempt

Failure to physically restrain pet at all times within developed campsites and picnic areas

Post/distribute any signs/posters/printed material/commercial advertisement without written authorization from authorized officer

Use/display/carry weapons within developed campsites/picnic areas

Bring equine stock/llamas/cattle/livestock within campgrounds/picnic area unless facilities have been specifically provided for such use

Discharge firearms/other weapons/hunt/trap within developed recreation areas or within ½ mile of developed recreation site

Discharge firearms/other weapons/hunt/trap within developed recreation areas or within 150 yards of developed recreation site

Be publicly nude at Wild Rivers, Orilla Verde or Santa Cruz Lake recreation areas, Lower Gorge SRMA or John Dunn Bridge

Shower/bathe at any improved/developed water source not designated for such purpose

Not adhering to fire danger ratings issued by the Government

Entering the following caves between 1 November and 15 April:

Fort Stanton, Torgac, Torgac Annex, Crockett, Crystal, Big-Eared Cave, Bat Hole, Malpais Madness, Tres Ninos and Feather.  Authorized persons and emergency responders are exempt

Dispose of any grey or waste water except in facilities provided for such