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Biomass Utilization

Woody biomass is the material from trees and woody plants, including limbs, tops, needles, leaves, and other woody parts, grown in a forest, woodland, farm, rangeland, or wildland urban interface environment, that are the by-products of forest management, ecosystem restoration, or hazardous fuel reduction treatments.

Woody biomass utilization (WBU) is the harvest, sale, offer, trade, and/or use of woody biomass to produce the full range of wood products. These products include timber, firewood, engineered lumber, paper and pulp, furniture and value-added commodities, as well as bio-energy, bio-fuels (ethanol and diesel), and bio-based products (plastics and solvents).
Several examples of biomass utilization in New Mexico include two stewardship contracts – Zuni Mountain 1 and Zuni Mountain 2. These projects are restoring pinion juniper areas to reduce the threat of wildfire and improve wildlife habitat by thinning the trees. The cut wood is then used for firewood and sent to places as far away as Dallas, Texas.
For more information on biomass utilization:
Woody Biomass Utilization - information about managing and using all the woody material grown in a forest, and not just the use of small diameter trees.
Biomass and Wood Products Utilization - information about the harvest, sale, offer, trade, and/or use of woody biomass.
Smallwood Utilization Network -  a broad network to deal with the complex set of challenges in supply, production, and marketing for the emerging smallwood industry.

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