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Fuels Management

New Mexico BLM’s fuels management program focuses on protecting communities and our national resources while providing for local economic opportunities.  

Both hazardous fuels reduction and vegetation treatment efforts are essential within the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) as well as in the surrounding wildland environment. The methods and means of reducing fuels within a community may be similar or completely different to those treatments occurring outside of communities. Each area or unit has specific and unique methods and techniques for accomplishing community, environment, and resource protection objectives. Some treatments require multiple management techniques such as thinning overcrowded tree stands and then utilizing prescribed fire to remove the hazardous downed trees.
Types of Treatments
There are four basic types of fuels treatments for fire management: mechanical, prescribed fire, fire use, and other.
Mechanical treatments are those projects involving the use of anything motorized such as chainsaws, dozers, and/or chippers.
Prescribed fire treatments are those projects which involve igniting a fire under very restricted and conditional criteria in effort to protect, maintain, or restore resources or conditions.
Wildland fire use treatments involve projects which utilize natural ignitions and manage these fires appropriately and to our benefit.

Other types of treatments include grazing, seeding and the use of chemicals.

Fuels Specialists Contacts
  • Farmington/Taos: Kyle Sahd, 575-751-4767
  • Carlsbad: Matias Telles, 575-234-5944
  • Roswell: Nate Curnutt, 575-627-0311
  • Las Cruces: Ricky Cox, 575-525-4467

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