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Solid Leasable Minerals

Photo of Potash Mining Equipment

Leasable minerals are subject to the various Mineral Leasing Acts. Leases are issued for specific periods of time, and the lessee pays a rental fee and royalties on the minerals produced. One half of the revenues collected from Federal mineral leasing are distributed to the state where the minerals are produced.

Minerals used for energy are commonly called "energy leasables,” and are further subdivided into “solid energy leasables” which includes coal and oil shale, and “fluid energy leasables” which include oil and gas, and geothermal.

In addition, certain other solid minerals known as “solid leasables” (other than coal and oil shale), including sodium (salt), potassium (potash), trona, and phosphate are available for development through the leasing program. The majority of the minerals leased under this program are developed for making fertilizer and as feed stock for other industrial processes.

Solid leasable mineral activity for BLM-New Mexico consists of leasing and production of potash and byproduct salt in southeastern New Mexico, and leasing and production of coal in northwestern New Mexico and eastern Oklahoma. Use the links to the right to find more information about these minerals.

Solid Leasable Minerals in New Mexico