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Carrizozo Lava Flow WSA

Location: Four miles west of Carrizozo, along Highway 380

Elevation Range: 4,000-5,676 feet
BLM Acreage: 10,690 acres

The Carrizozo Lava Flow WSA is located in central New Mexico. This lava flow is believed to be one of the most recent lava flows in the continental United States, dating back 1,500 years. This is a flat plain but a rugged landscape nonetheless. The surface of the lava is extremely rough and broken by fractures, collapsed lava tubes, and pressure ridges. Sparse desert shrubs and grasses grow in the cracks providing an interesting contrast of green against the black lava. The area supports a remarkably diverse ecosystem, including melanistic species with fur or skin darker than is typical for their species since they live mostly on the dark lava. The landscape is difficult to traverse; consequently, the opportunity to find solitude is limitless.
Access is from Highway 380, 4.5 miles west of Carrizozo. There are several pullouts on U.S. 380 from which you may hike southwest into the WSA on the lava flow.

Please Note:

1. This area may be accessed with a standard vehicle. Conditions of roads can change at any time due to weather.  Drivers should avoid dirt roads during rain or snow.  Drivers should be cautious of wash-out following rain or snowmelt.

2. There are no marked trails in this WSA.  Visitors must possess knowledge and skill in cross country hiking and navigating. 


Contact Information
Roswell Field Office
2909 West Second Street
Roswell, NM  88201
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Photo of Carrizozo Lava Flow WSA
Map of Carrizozo Lava Flow WSA