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Wilderness Study Areas

Wilderness Study Areas Frequently Asked Questions

Wilderness Study Areas (WSAs) are roadless areas that have been inventoried and found to have wilderness characteristics as described in the Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA) and the Wilderness Act of 1964. FLPMA directed the BLM to identify its roadless areas and study them for their suitability for preservation as Wilderness.  At the end of the study, BLM was required to provide a recommendation as to the suitability or non-suitability of each of those areas.  The study of BLM lands in New Mexico was completed and a recommendation provided in September of 1991.  WSAs are managed so as not to impair their suitability for preservation as wilderness until Congress decides to permanently protect them as Wilderness, or release them from WSA status to non-wilderness uses.  For more on WSAs, see: 

The following is a list of the 57 BLM-managed WSAs in New Mexico, totaling 958,751 acres. Contact the individual Field Offices for additional information about these WSAs. 

San Antonio WSA Rio Chama WSA Ignacia Chavez WSA Empedrado WSA La Lena WSA Ah-shi-sle-pah WSA Chamisa WSA Cabezon WSA Ojito WSA Chain of Craters WSA El Malpais WSA Canyons WSA Petaca Pinta WSA Manzano WSA Mesita Blanca WSA Eagle Peak WSA Sierra Ladrones WSA Veranito WSA Stallion WSA Presilla WSA Sierra de las Canas WSA Devil's Reach WSA Devil's Backbone WSA Antelope WSA Jornada del Muerto Horse Mountain WSA Continental Divide WSA Hoverrocker WSA Apache Box WSA Blue Creek WSA Gila Lower Box WSA Peloncillo Mountains WSA Cookes Range WSA Las Uvas Mountains WSA Robledo Mountains WSA Organ Mountains WSA Organ Needles WSA Pena Blanca WSA Aden Lava Flow WSA Mount Riley WSA West Potrillo Mountains WSA Florida Mountains WSA Cedar Mountains WSA Gray Peak WSA Guadalupe Canyon WSA Cowboy Spring WSA Big Hatchet Mountains WSA Alamo Hueco Mountains WSA Little Black Peak WSA Carizozo Lava Flow WSA Culp Canyon WSA Brokeoff Mountains WSA McKittrick Canyon WSA Devil's Den Canyon WSA Lonesome Ridge WSA Mudgetts WSA Mathers WSA map of New Mexico wilderness study areas

Aden Lava Flow WSA (39)Continental Divide WSA (27)Horse Mtn. WSA (26)Ojito WSA (9)
Ah-shi-sle-pah WSA (3)Cooke's Range WSA (33)   Hoverrocker WSA (28)

Organ Mtns. WSA (36)

Alamo Hueco Mtns. WSA (48)

Cowboy Spring WSA (46)

Ignacio Chavez WSA (4)

Organ Needles WSA (37)

Antelope WSA (24)Culp Canyon WSA (51)Jornada del Muerto WSA (25)

Peloncillo Mtns. WSA (32)

Apache Box WSA (29)Devil's Backbone WSA (23)La Leña WSA (6)

Peña Blanca WSA (38)

Big Hatchet Mtns. WSA (47)

Devil's Den Canyon WSA (54)Las Uvas Mtns. WSA (34)

Petaca Pinta WSA (13)

Blue Creek WSA (30)Devil's Reach WSA (22)

Little Black Peak WSA (49)

Presilla WSA (20)

Brokeoff Mtns. WSA (52)Eagle Peak WSA (16)Lonesome Ridge WSA (55)Rio Chama WSA (2)
Cabezon WSA (8)El Malpais WSA (11)Manzano WSA (14)Robledo Mtns. WSA (35)
Canyons WSA (12)Empedrado WSA (5)Mathers WSA (57)

San Antonio WSA (1)

Carrizozo Lava Flow WSA (50)Florida Mtns. WSA (42)McKittrick Canyon WSA (53)

Sierra de las Cañas WSA (21)

Cedar Mtns. WSA (43)Gila Lower Box WSA (31)Mesita Blanca WSA (15)Sierra Ladrones WSA (17)
Chain of Craters WSA (10)Gray Peak WSA (44)Mount Riley WSA (40)Stallion WSA (19)

Chamisa WSA (7)

Guadalupe Canyon WSA (45)

Mudgetts WSA (56)

Veranito WSA (18) 

   West Potrillo Mtns. WSA (41)