Sabinoso Wilderness

BLM Invites Comments on Plan to Accept Land Donation to Sabinoso Wilderness

There is currently no public access into Sabinoso Wilderness.  The BLM is working with nearby landowners who may be willing to provide access.  

Location: East of Las Vegas, NM

Elevation: 4,500 to 6,000 feet

BLM Acreage: 16,030 acres

The Sabinoso Wilderness is a remote area in the northeastern portion of New Mexico.  The Wilderness includes a series of high, narrow mesas surrounded by cliff-lined canyons.  The rugged country primarily supports piñon pine and juniper woodlands with occasional clusters of ponderosa pine.  A perennial warm season grass savanna is found on the mesa tops.  Streams periodically flow in the canyon bottoms supporting riparian vegetation including willow and cottonwood.  The deep canyon area, surrounded by the wide-open New Mexico plains, is unique for this region.  The deep incisions cut by Cañon Olguin, Cañon Largo, and Lagartija Creek create a striking topographical and geological contrast in this otherwise flat terrain.

There is currently no public access into Sabinoso Wilderness because it is surrounded by private land.  The BLM continues to seek opportunities to secure access from adjacent landowners who may be willing to provide access.  Please respect private property and do not trespass.


Contact Information
Taos Field Office
226 Cruz Alta Road
Taos, NM  87571-5983

Photo of Sabinoso Wilderness

Hiking/Backpacking Camping Horseback Riding Watchable Wildlife


No public access at this time. 

Recreation Guidelines
BLM Recreation Guidelines

Special Rules
The area is closed to motorized vehicles and mechanical forms of transportation.

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Map of Sabinoso Wilderness