New Mexico Resource Advisory Councils

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) New Mexico has four Resource Advisory Councils (RACs) within its borders.  The RACs operate on the principle of collaborative decision-making and strive for consensus before making official recommendations to the BLM Designated Federal Official. 

The Albuquerque, Farmington, Las Cruces, and Pecos Districts RACs are all comprised of 10 members representing a balance of public land resources and users in the following categories:

  • 3 members who represent Federal grazing permittees; transportation or rights-of-way interests; developed outdoor recreation, off-highway vehicle users, or commercial recreation activities; the commercial timber industry; or energy and mineral development interests;
  • 3 members who represent environmental organizations; dispersed recreational activities; archaeological and historical interests; or wild horse and burro interests; and
  • 4 members who represent State, county, or local elected officials; state agencies responsible for management of natural resources, land, or water; local Indian Tribes; academicians in natural resources management or natural sciences; or the affected public-at-large.

Farmington District RAC Albuquerque District RAC Las Cruces District RAC Pecos District RAC Map of New Mexico Resource Advisory Council Districts

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New Mexico RACs

Albuquerque District 
RAC Coordinator:
Jack River

Farmington District
RAC Coordinator: 
Tammy Faust 

Las Cruces District
RAC Coordinator: 
Deborah Stevens

Pecos District
RAC Coordinator: 
Glen Garnand
(575) 627-0209

Resource Advisory Council
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