Rio Puerco Resource Management Draft Plan and Environmental Impact Statement

The Rio Puerco Field Office, Albuquerque District, Proposed RMP and final EIS is in the final stages of development. The Washington Office (WO) has conducted its final review and Albuquerque District staff is currently working with WO staff to address the final edits.

Overall, the public submitted close to 50,000 comments which is a clear demonstration of how important public lands are to the Albuquerque District communities. The last edits were completed at the end of July 2015, and the final EIS is expected to be released to the public for a 30-day protest period in 2016.

If there are any future RMP updates, we will post them to this website as they occur.

Rio Puerco Draft Resource Management Plan Cover 

Comment Period Extended to November 26, 2012

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