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Oklahoma, Kansas, Texas Resource Management Plan Revision

Check this page regularly for updates on the planning process.  

UPDATE -- October 7, 2015

BLM & BIA Seek Public Input for Revised Resource Management Plan for TX/OK/KS -- Comments due by Thursday, Oct. 29, 2015.

Presentation: RMP Process Overview (PDF - Sec. 508 compliant)
Presentation: RMP Alternatives Overview (PDF - Sec. 508 compliant)
Alternatives Comment Form (PDF - Sec. 508 compliant)

UPDATE -- September 2015

The BLM-Oklahoma Field Office formally invites the public to participate in the next phase of the process to revise its regional Resource Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement. The Field Office is seeking public input in the development of alternatives to be considered. Several workshops are scheduled in October in the three-state area of Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. See the updated RMP newsletter for dates, locations and other details.


UPDATE -- June 2015 -- Final Analysis of the Management Situation Available

The final Analysis of the Management Situation (AMS) for the Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas Environmental Impact Statement BLM Resource Management Plan and Bureau of Indian Affairs Integrated Resource Management Plan is now available.

The report is an analysis of the inventory data and other information to help identify issues and opportunities.  The AMS provides an understanding of resources and used in the planning area.  The AMS provides the foundation for the EIS and summarizes the issues relevant to resource management; however, it is not meant to be an exhaustive review of everything known about the resources, uses, and activities in the planning area.  The AMS also provides a summary of current management practices, including direction from existing plans and agency policy, and a discussion of local resources and social and economic conditions.

Cover Letter

Analysis of the Management Situation

UPDATE -- May 2015 -- Biological Baseline Report

The Biological Baseline Report for the Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas Environmental Impact Statement BLM Resource Management Plan and Bureau of Indian Affairs Integrated Resource Management Plan is now available.

The purpose of this biological baseline report is to identify and characterize the biological issues in the area that may be impacted by implementing the joint EIS/BLM RMP and BIA Integrated RMP. This report provides a general overview of the conditions in the decision area and will help to inform the EIS preparation and impact analysis; it is not intended to be a comprehensive project evaluation.

Biological Baseline Report

UPDATE -- April 2015 -- Socioeconomics Workshop Summary Report

The Socioeconomics Workshops Summary Report for the Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas Environmental Impact Statement BLM Resource Management Plan and Bureau of Indian Affairs Integrated Resource Management Plan is now available.

In order to gather information of the existing social and economic conditions in the planning area, the BLM and BIA hosted workshops for state and community representatives, tribes, and other stakeholders who want to explore the issue of the changing local economy and its relationship to public lands, Federal mineral estate, and Indian mineral resources under the jurisdiction of the BIA.  A total of five workshops were held; two socioeconomic workshops specifically for tribal members, and three general socioeconomic workshops.  The input received in these workshops will be used to develop the affected environment section of the EIS and in developing a reasonable range of alternatives for management.

Socioeconomics Workshops Summary Report

UPDATE -- July 29, 2014 -- BLM Congressional Testimony Regarding H.R. 4979, 'Red River Private Property Protection Act'

BLM Deputy Director Steve Ellis recently testified before the House Natural Resources Public Lands & Environmental Regulation Subcommittee on H.R. 4979, Red River Private Property Protection Act. Click here to read Deputy Director Ellis' testimony.

UPDATE -- June 24, 2014 -- BLM Posts FAQs Regarding History of Public Domain Land in the Red River, Land Use Planning, and Management Authorities

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

UPDATE -- June 23, 2014 -- BLM Replies to Red River Questions Raised by Texas Attorney General Abbott

BLM Director Neil Kornze recently addressed several questions regarding Red River management issues raised by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. Click here to read Attorney General Abbott's letter and Director Kornze's reply.

UPDATE -- June 5, 2014 -- Final Scoping Summary Report Available

The final Scoping Summary Report for the Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas Resource Management Plan (RMP) Revision and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is now available.

The Report reflects public comments received during the formal scoping period, which ran from November 2013 through January 2014 and included 20 public and tribal meetings across the three-state planning area. The Report will inform the development of alternatives to be analyzed by the agency in preparing a Proposed RMP/EIS.  

UPDATE -- May 5, 2014 -- BLM Addresses Concerns About Red River Management Plans

The BLM’s project to update its Resource Management Plan for Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas has generated a lot of interest in recent weeks. In particular, the agency’s efforts to identify management alternatives for public lands along the Red River have given rise to concerns among local landowners about potential impacts. The Oklahoma Field Office recently concluded a 90-day scoping period during which 20 public and tribal meetings were held throughout the three-state region to solicit input from stakeholders. This input will guide the agency’s planning efforts going forward. Oklahoma Field Office Manager Steve Tryon was pleased to have the opportunity to publically address many of these issues and concerns in an opinion piece recently published in the Houston Chronicle.

Field office staff are continuing their outreach by meeting with local residents, elected officials and other interested parties. Broad public involvement promises to yield a plan that upholds the interests of all concerned and allows the agency to maximize the value of the resources entrusted to it by the American people. 

What is a Resource Management Plan? 

A resource management plan (RMP) is a land use plan that provides a framework for managing Bureau of Land Management (BLM)-administered lands over the next 15 to 20 years.  The Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA) requires the BLM to develop RMPs and update/revise them when appropriate.  The revision process includes building on experience, applying new science, and working with collaborators.  The BLM issued a Notice of Intent on July 26, 2013 to prepare the Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas RMP Revision and associated Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).  The Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas RMP Revision project is an effort to revise the existing RMP for the BLM Oklahoma Field Office.

This planning process will fulfill the needs and obligations set forth by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), FLPMA, and BLM management policies.  The BLM will work collaboratively with interested parties to identify the management decisions that are best suited to local, regional, and national needs and concerns.

The BLM will use an interdisciplinary approach to develop the RMP to ensure consideration of the variety of resource issues and concerns identified.  Specialists with expertise in the following disciplines will be involved in the planning process: minerals and geology, archaeology, wildlife and fisheries, lands and realty, hydrology, soils, livestock grazing, recreation, sociology, and economics.

For further information, download a printable newsletter (PDF) or contact Laurence Levesque, Planning and Environmental Specialist, at 918–621–4136,, or 7906 East 33rd Street, Suite 101, Tulsa, OK 74145. Check back here for future updates.



Oklahoma Planning Documents

1994 Oklahoma RMP

1996 Texas RMP

1991 Kansas RMP

RMP Newsletter (PDF)

Scoping Summary Report (PDF - Sec. 508 compliant)

BLM Reply to TX AG Abbott (PDF)


Formal Presentations

An overview of BLM's mission in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas along with a thorough presentation on the RMP-development process is given at each public meeting.

Links to the full PowerPoint presentation and related maps are provided here:

PowerPoint Presentation (PDF, 1.5MB)

Oklahoma Maps (PDF, 19.6MB)

Texas Maps (PDF, 11MB)

Kansas Maps (PDF, 5.1MB)