Oklahoma Field Office Planning

The BLM develops and records comprehensive land use plans called Resource Management Plans (RMPs) to guide management decisions and to define allowable uses on public lands. BLM periodically updates these plans to reflect changes in law, policy, science, environment/ climate, land use patterns, etc. An RMP revision (or a new RMP) usually addresses an array of programs and resource issues on public lands. This may include mineral leasing; recreational uses; fire management; visual, cultural and natural resource protection; and much more. RMPs also provide direction for managing designated Areas of Critical Environmental Concern. The BLM may also amend an existing RMP because of new information or changing conditions. Additionally, programmatic planning documents, such as fire management plans, help to provide broad scale direction on managing BLM public lands.

The development of RMP revisions and amendments involves multiple opportunities for public, government agency, and tribal involvement. All RMPs are developed with a supporting NEPA document. Below are the RMPs for this field office as well as information on ongoing development of RMPs and opportunities for involvement.

For more information please contact Larry Levesque at 918-621-4136.

Map of Oklahoma Field Office

Resource Management Plans (RMPs)


Oklahoma Field Office NEPA 

Click here to view environmental documents pertaining to actions and proposals on public lands in the Field Office and opportunities for public involvement.

Oklahoma Field Office NEPA