Mimbres Resource Management Plan

The Mimbres Resource Management Plan was prepared in 1993 to provide a comprehensive framework for managing public land and for allocating resources using principles of multiple use and sustained yield. This document formally records the Bureau of Land Management's decisions for managing approximately 3 million surface acres of public land and 4.1 million subsurface acres in the Mimbres Resource Area. The Mimbres Resource Area encompassed BLM administered public land in Dona Ana, Luna, Hidalgo, and Grant counties in southwestern New Mexico.

The Mimbres Resource Management Plan is the current resource plan for Dona Ana, Luna, Hidalgo, and Grant Counties in the Las Cruces District Office management area. Feel free to review our work being completed on the current resource plan amendment of the Mimbres Plan (for Dona Ana County), called the TriCounty Resource Management Plan.


Record of Decision, Readers Guide, Contents

Section 1 - Introduction

Section 2 - Management Program

Section 3 - Plan Implementation and Monitoring

Section 4 - Plan Maintenance and Evaluation

Section 5 - ACECs/SMAs


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