Table of Contents

Chapter XIII - Post Acquisition Processing

I. Records Notation
A.  BLM Acquisitions
1. Acquired Lands
a.  Lands Utilizing Land and Water Conservation Funds
b.  Donation
2. Mineral Estates
3. Conservation Easements
4. General and Linear Easements
B. Other Agency Acquisitions
1. Serialization
2. Disposition of Documents
C. Legacy Rehost 2000 Case Recordation System (LR2000)
II.  Public Relations
A.  Post Acquisition Followup
1. Letter of Agreement Monitoring
2. Courtesy to Landowners Granting Access
B. News Releases
III. Acquisition of Improvements on Acquired Lands
IV. Encumbrances
V. Merged Interests
VI. Monitoring of Conservation Easements
A. New Property Owners
1. Introduction
2.  Review of Easement Document
3. Monitoring Policy
4. Monitor the Property
5.  Acknowledgment
VII. Deferred Payments on Easements
VIII.  Expiration of Temporary Easements
IX. Assignment of Road Easements
X.   Relocation Assistance Payments
XI.  Disposition of Case File
A. Fee
B.  Easements
C. Working Files



  1. Land Status Request Sheet - BLM Acquired Lands
  2. Land Status Records Notation Routing Slip - Other Agencies
  3. News Release
  4. Conservation Easement Monitoring Inspection Report Form
  5. Acknowledgment by New Owner