Table of Contents

Chapter XI - Disposal of Acquisition Rights

I.  Disposal of Unneeded Interest
A.  Action Initiating an Easement Disposal
1. Initiating Actions
2.  Market Value of Release
3.  Memorandum Requesting Release
B. Types of Disposals
1. Standard Termination Clause
2. Termination for Non-Use
3. Other Terminations
4. Right-of-Way and Road Use Agreements
5.  Partial Terminations
6.  Assignment of Road Easement
II.  Preparing the Disposal Documents Terminating the Unneeded Easements


1. Memo for Release
2. Notice of Discontinuance of Use
3. Release of Access Road Easement
4. Release of Right-of-Way and Road Use Agreement
5. Release of Portion of Access Road Easement
6. Assignment of Road Easement
7. Letter to County Recorder's Office
8. Letter to Agency Transmitting Assignment


1. 40 U.S.C. Section 471
2. 41 CFR Section 101-47.313-1