Table of Contents

Chapter VI - Negotiation

I. Introduction
A. Adequate Planning
1.  Unplanned Acquisitions
2.  Use of a Facilitator
B. Role of the Negotiator
C. Negotiator - Landowner Contacts
II. Principles
A. Consultation with Landowners
1.  Obtain Permission from the Landowner
2. Involve the Landowner in Preliminary Planning
B. Compliance with The Uniform Act (P.L. 91-646)
1. Title I of the URA (General Policies)
2. Title II of the URA (Relocation)
3. Title III of the URA (Acquisition Requirements)
C.  Negotiated Purchase Price
1.  Acquisitions Utilizing LWCF
2.  Non-LWCF Acquisitions
3. Donations
4. Revised Offer
5. Documentation of Negotiated Purchase Agreements
D.  Separation of Appraisal and Acquisition Functions
E. Coordination between Negotiator and Appraiser
III. Interviews with Landowners
A. Offer Interview
1. Inquiry of Owner Regarding Claims Not of Record
2. Negotiation Documentation
B. Guidelines for a Successful Interview
IV.  Negotiation Issues
A.  Options and Contracts
B. Reversionary Clauses
C.  Right of First Refusal
    1. Right of First Refusal for BLM
    2. Right of First Refusal for Grantor
D. Defeasible Fee Title
E. Life Estate
    1. Term of the Reservation
    2. Appraised Value of Reserved Land and Buildings
    3. Fire and Casualty Insurance
    4. Maintenance of Reserved Premises
F. Limited Warranty
G. Acquisitions Associated with IRS "1031" Procedures
V. Negotiations Issues - Easements
A. Letters of Agreement
1. Labeling
2. Consistency with Management Purposes
3. Legality of Letters of Agreement
B. Use of Special Provisions in Easements
1. Placement in the Deed
2. Written Approval Must be Obtained
3. Limiting the Rights being Acquired
4. Structures on the Easement Properly Identified
5. Authorization for the Expenditure of Federal Funds
6.  Indemnification
7. Cash Settlements
8.  Specific Items
  C. Stipulations for Conservation and Scenic Easements
    1. Rights of Use by Grantee
    2. Restrictions on Land Use by Grantor
    3. Restoration
    4. Public Entry
    5. Enforcement Rights of Grantee
    6. Rights Reserved by Grantor
D. Stipulations for Permanent Control Easements
1. Ingress and Egress
2. Crossing Rights
3. Timber
4. Reservation of "Free" Commercial Use by Grantor
E.  Stipulations for Noncontrol Easements
1. Right-of-Way Needed by Grantor
2.  Road Maintenance
3. Gate and Fence Maintenance
4. Dust Abatement
5. Disturbance of Livestock
6.  Public Liability Insurance
7. Bond
F. Impasse in Negotiations
1.  Condemnation Authority Lacking
2. Condemnation Authority Available
VI. Execution of the Deed
A. Items Required
1. Date
2.  Signatures
B. Acknowledgment
C. Other Documents


  1. Permission to Enter Letter
  2. Over-Appraisal Settlement Memorandum
  3. Appraisal Waiver (Below $2,500) Memorandum
  4. Just Compensation Letter
  5. Checklist for Successful Negotiations Interviews
  6. Example-Letter of Agreement
  7. Final Offer Letter Without Condemnation Authority
  8. Final Offer Letter With Condemnation Authority


  1. Regional Solicitorís Opinion on Use of Options for Land Acquisitions
  2. Regional Solicitorís Opinion on Legality of Letters of Agreement