Table of Contents

Chapter IX - Relocation Assistance

I.   The Uniform Act
II.  Regulations
A.  Aliens Not Lawfully Present in the United States
B.  Owner-Occupants
C. Consultation with Land Owner
D. Certificate of Inspection and Possession
E. Eligibility for Relocation Assistance
  F. Contract Relocation Services
G. Occupant Needs Questionnaire
H. Information and Notices
1. The General Information Notice
2. Notice of Relocation Eligibility
3. Ninety Day Notice
I. Advisory Services 
1. Who Receives Advisory Services
2. What are Advisory Services
J. Relocation Payments
1. Residential
 a. Moving Expenses
(1) Actual Cost Method
(2) Schedule
(3) Mobile Homes
b.  Replacement Housing Payments
(1) Rental Assistance
(2) Down Payment Assistance
c. Housing of Last Resort
(1) Alternative Housing
d. Replacement Housing Standards
(1) Decent, Safe and Sanitary
e. Comparable Replacement Dwelling
2. Nonresidential
a. Moving Expenses
(1) Actual Cost
(2) Estimated Cost
(3) Payment In-Lieu of Actual Moving Expenses (ILO)
b. Eligible Nonresidential Moving Expenses
c. Reestablishment Expenses
3. Ineligible Moving and Related Expenses
K. Requesting Payments


  1.  Relocation Assistance Assessment
  2.  Task Order - Relocation Services
  3.  Occupant Needs Questionnaire
  4.  Notice of Relocation Eligibility
  5.  Ninety-Day Notice
  6.  Ninety-Day Combination Notice
  7.  Thirty-Day Combination Notice
  8.  Real Estate Information Reporting Requirements - IRS
  9.  Residential Moving Expense & Dislocation Allowance Payment Schedule
  10.  DI-381, Claim for Relocation Payments - Residential
  11.  Schedule A, Payment for Moving Costs - Residential
  12.  Schedule C, Claim for Rental Replacement Housing Payments - Residential
  13.  Schedule D, Down Payment and Incidental Expenses - Residential
  14.  DI-382, Claim for Relocation Payments - Nonresidential
  15.  Schedule A, Moving and Related Costs - Nonresidential
  16.  Schedule B, Direct Loss of Personal property - Nonresidential
  17.  Schedule C, Search Expenses - Nonresidential
  18.  Schedule D, Reestablishment Expenses - Nonresidential