Table of Contents

Chapter IV - Planning, Programming, and Budget

I. Introduction
II. Planning
A.  Planning System
1.  Land Use Plan/Resource Management Plan (RMP)
2. Project Plan (Activity Plan)
a. Improvements
(1) High Value Improvements
(2) Low Value Improvements
B. Rights to be Acquired (Type of Estate)
1.  Fee Simple
a. Limited Fee (Fee)
(1) Surface
(2) Subsurface (Mineral)
(3) Timber
(4) Water
2. Easements/Less than Fee (Interest in Land)
a. Conservation
(1) Purpose
(2) Deed Requirements
b. Access/Other Linear Rights-of-Way
(1) Location Analysis
(2) Office Analysis
(3) Field Data Requirements
(4) Written Report
(5) Environmental Analysis
c.  Other Linear
d.  Project (Non-Linear) Tracts
C. Acquisition Methods
1. Purchase
2. Exchange
3.  Donation
a.  Procedure
(1) Written Offer to Donate
(2) Donors Right to an Appraisal
(3) Appraisal Waiver
(4) Appraisal
4. Condemnation
5. Transfer
6.  Cooperative Agreements
a. Federal Agreements
b. Non-Federal Agreements
c. Private Agreements
(1) Reciprocal Agreements
(2) Cost Share Agreements
(3) P.L. 104-208 (Wyden Amendment Agreements)
D. Retention of LWCF Acquired Land
E.  Nonprofit Organizations/Partners/Third Party Facilitators
1.  Letters of Intent
a. Commitments
b. Appraisal
c. Federal Acquisition Standards
d. Administration
III. Programming
A. LWCF Land Acquisition Programming
1. Project Programming
2. Inholding Acquisition (3110)
    3. Land Exchange Equalization Payments (3120)
4. Acquisition Management (3130)
B. Non-LWCF Land Acquisition Programming
IV. Budget
1. Line Item Appropriation (3110/3910)
a. Project Funding Requests
2. Inholding Acquisition (3110)
3. Emergency Acquisition (3110)
a. Request
b. Approval
    4. Land Exchange Equalization Payments (3120)
5. Acquisition Management (3130)
a. Program Management and Implementation
b. Direct Acquisition Costs
c. Relocation Expenses
B. Benefitting Activities
C. Reprogramming
1. Actions Requiring Reprogramming
2. Procedures
3. Approval
D. Special Situations
1. Utilization of LWCF Appropriations for Land Exchange
a. Processing Costs
b. Exchange Equalization Payment
2. Utilization of LWCF for Combination Purchase/Land Exchange Acquisition
a. Appraisal
b. Conveyance Document
3. Land Acquisitions/IRS Tax Deferred Exchange
4. Use of LWCF's for Acquisitions from State Entities


  1. Project Plan
  2. Easement Justification
  3. Appraisal Waiver Letter
  4. Letter of Intent
  5. Example-LWCF Project Submission
  6. Example-LWCF Emergency Funding Request
  7. Example-LWCF Reprogramming Request


P.L. 104-204, Section 124, as amended - Wyden Amendment