Table of Contents

Chapter I - Overview of the Acquisition Process

I. Purpose and Objective
A. Purpose
B. Objective
II. Rights To Be Acquired
A. Land
B. Easements
1. Conservation Easements
2. Access Easements
a. Levels of Access Rights
b. Exclusive Road Easements
c. Nonexclusive Road Easements
d. Substantial Investment
3. Project Easements
a. Range Improvements
b. Fish and Wildlife
c.  Sign Locations
d. Utility Rights-of-Way
e. Heliport/Helipond/Flyway/Skyway
4. No Easement Alternative
C. Other Interests In Land
III. Acquisition Methods
IV. Processing Acquisition Cases
V.  Casefile Management

Acquisition Casefile Organization

LR2000 Data Standards