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Kits carried by the Great Basin Cache have been developed with input from field user groups and have been identified as National Standard Kits.   Kits are reviewed by a National Kit Committee on a three-year rotational basis.   Kits will not be changed between the scheduled change years, unless safety is an issue.  Comments and suggestions for kit changes, including any ideas for new kits, are welcomed.  The National Fire Equipment System (NFES) caches update kits on an attrition basis during the year the changes are made.  This ensures the greatest economy of operations within the National Cache System.  For this reason, kits ordered from the NFES caches may or may not contain identical items to those listed during the early part of the fire season.  As kits are returned and repacked, they will be packed to the identified standard.  Regardless, kits will be updated prior to the next fire season.

  • When a kit is ordered, contents listed in the Kit Section of the NFES Catalog will be received.
  • Kits containing hazardous materials will be appropriately labeled and identified according to Department of Transportation (49 CFR Part 172).  Hazardous materials will be removed from kits shipped via commercial air freight.
  • Kits containing equipment items that use a fuel mixture will be appropriately marked with the fuel ratio, gas:oil.
  • Weight and cubic feet information provided should be considered an average only.