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NFES Item Introduction Form

Incident management and wildland fire suppression is an evolving technology. Great Basin field personnel who would like to suggest new items for NFES can use the following form to submit information to the Great Basin Cache Manger (see Contacts for mailing information). The cache manager will then determine suggestion acceptance based on past and anticipated need, space and storage considerations and national applicability.

Cache Evaluation

The Cache Manager is responsible for evaluation of items carried and the services provided by the Great Basin Cache. Field input will be considered and reviewed annually, with adjustments in goods and services implemented as necessary.
Please complete the Cache Evaluation Form to rate the quality of service and equipment received from the Great Basin Cache.

We welcome all comments and recommendations.

Supply Quality Complaint

Please complete this form to report quality problems for items received from the Great Basin Cache.

Defective material is to be held until disposition is furnished by the Great Basin Cache.

NFES Catalog Evaluation

The Great Basin Cache coordinates the production of the National Fire Equipment System (NFES) Catalog.

Please complete this evaluation form to rate the NFES Catalog.

We welcome all recommendations for improvement.

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