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Weaver Mountain Fuels Treatment Project

Purpose and Need for the Project

The Weaver Mountain Fuels Treatment Project is located in Yavapai County three miles southeast of the community of Yarnell, Arizona. The southern boundary is directly north of the Hassayampa Wilderness area.

The Weaver Mountain Fuels Treatment Project Area is approximately 14,000 acres. Of these 14,000 acres, 8950 are BLM, 4000 are State of Arizona, and 1100 are private. The dominant vegetation community is interior chaparral, which is fairly continuous over a large portion of the project area. The majority of the area is currently condition class three.

The purpose of this initiative is to reduce hazardous fuel accumulations and improve rangeland and wildlife habitat conditions in this fire-adapted ecosystem. Management-ignited fire will be used to reduce canopy cover, change the age structure of woody vegetation, increase production of native perennial grasses and forbs, and increase diversity. Management-ignited fire has proven to be beneficial to break up vegetative fuel continuity, reduce future fire severity, and reduce the negative effects of wildfires.

The need for this action is to mange fuel loads, reduce hazardous fuels, and restore fire to this fire-dependent community on BLM administered lands within the Phoenix Field Office boundaries. Fire is an integral ecosystem component, and a viable treatment to restore and maintain healthy interior chaparral communities, and to increase the safety for wildland firefighters and the public.


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