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Rogue River HFR Project

Purpose and Need for the Project

In the Northwest, the Rogue River Hazardous Fuel Reduction Project within the Hellgate Recreation Section of the Rogue National Wild & Scenic River was subsequently chosen as the only project in Oregon .

The purpose of this project is to proactively reduce and manage the wildfire/fuel hazard within the approximately 8,000 acres of public and private land which comprises the Hellgate Recreation Section of the Rogue National Wild & Scenic River . This project will create a sustainable mosaic of vegetation and fuel types/profiles that will facilitate protection of property and the scenic, recreational and fisheries values for which the Hellgate Recreation Section of the Rogue River was designated. 

The designated corridor includes portions of three National Fire Plan designated Communities at Risk. Within the designated corridor, there are approximately 190 residences most of which are in 12 localized areas. Two designated National Historic Sites are located within the corridor. The BLM will work closely with Rogue River Wild & Scenic River user groups, the Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF), Josephine County , and residents and private landowners within the project area. Because ODF has fire prevention and suppression responsibilities for the lands in the project area, we anticipate extensively involvement of ODF during neighborhood planning and project implementation. 

On BLM lands, project implementation is anticipated to start in the fall of 2003 contingent upon fire season work restrictions. Implementation will focus on the areas identified to have the greatest values at risk. The Medford BLM District Office anticipates completion within two years after beginning their work.


Abbie Jossie, Grants Pass Resource Area field manager, 541-618-2200