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Review Team


Team Selection

Review teams consist of technical experts from each of the functional areas listed in “The Review Process” section of this document.  Team members are selected from local, state, and national offices.  Interagency members are selected when appropriate.  Team size and makeup depends upon program size and complexity.

Team Member Responsibilities


·      Team Leader 

The Team Leader is responsible for the safety and welfare of team members and executing the review.  The Team Leader maintains contact with all team members throughout the review process in order to keep members informed and to assist with administrative, organizational, and logistical issues.  Organizes daily activities, establishes time frames, schedules and facilitates all briefings.  Assimilates information from team members, and prepares the Final Report.


·       Team Member

Team Members are selected to be subject matter experts in their assigned functional area.  Team Members are responsible for communicating findings both orally and in writing to the Team Leader or delegate within established time frames.  Team Members are expected to review the subject unit to national standards as shown in the supplied checklists and not to the Standard Operating Procedures found on their home unit.  Team members are encouraged to bring laptop computers to assist in the preparation of review documentation.


·       Functional Area Leader

In many cases, the Review Team Leader will select a Functional Area Leader (Dispatch, Engines, Aviation) to assist in the management of specific areas within the review.  This individual will be a highly experienced individual who can help the Review Team Leader facilitate the review process and streamline the information gathering process.  The Functional Area Leader will compile and summarize inputs from their team of specialists.  Each Functional Area Leader will be expected to ensure the completion of checklists and provide draft findings and recommendations to the Team Leader.  The Functional Area Leader is responsible for briefing the review Team Leader on any finding that could cause question in the unit being reviewed and as needed, accompany the Review Team Leader to out-briefings to explain findings and recommendations to the local unit administrators.


·        State Office Liaison

A state office fire program manager serves as the liaison between the review team and the local agency administrators and fire staffs.  The state liaison coordinates team activities with the local units and the State Office, negotiates review itinerary with the Team Leader and ensures that agency administrators and fire staff are aware of schedules.  The state liaison coordinates team logistics, including travel schedules and lodging with the Team Leader.  Communicates review finding to the state fire staff on an on going basis.  Provides the team with a list of key contacts, locations and phone numbers.  The liaison is not responsible for contributing to or editing the documents prepared by the team.


Expectations of Team Members


The evaluation process requires a great deal of time and effort.  Team members will conduct themselves professionally.  They should not discuss personal business or biases, should work only in designated areas, and should maintain control of review documents at all times.


The Assistant Director, OF&A, selects a Team Leader to conduct a scheduled national review.  The Team Leader contacts the State FMO and establishes a review schedule.  Team size is determined and recruitment of team members begins.  A memorandum from the Assistant Director, OF&A requesting available personnel is issued in December to the State FMO’s.  A roster of interested personnel is developed in January and February.  All interested individuals are encouraged to submit their names and qualifications as per the request letter.  Final team selection usually takes several weeks.  Team members are identified and contacted to confirm availability.  A briefing package is sent to each team member.  Travel arrangements are made.  The team will assemble and in-brief the day prior to the review to discuss objectives, organization, and administration.

It is extremely important that team members are accurate and remain focused on the specific tasks that they are assigned.  Team members who complete their assigned workload will be expected to assist others in completing their work.  No one will be released from duty until their assigned work is completed and no other team members require assistance.  The review is a team effort.