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Review Process


Each unit of the state fire program is reviewed for operational preparedness.  Each review begins with a briefing of the State Director and/or staff.  The Review Team Leader will then give an inbriefing to the agency administrator (District or Field Office Manager) at the unit level.  After these briefings, team members disperse and begin to review their functional areas.  Standardized checklists are used.  A written report containing findings and recommended actions is prepared.  At the conclusion of each local unit review, the agency administrator receives an out-briefing and a draft final report for the respective unit.  The draft State report, presented at the state closeout, will include all unit-level draft reports.  Out-briefings will be scheduled and managed to last less than one hour.  Team member participation in the out-briefing is determined by the Review Team Leader.

Interagency Reviews

While the primary objective of the BLM review is to assess fire program readiness with respect to national BLM standards, it can be expanded to include cooperating agency resources.  This is coordinated through the national team leader and the BLM state office. 

In order to provide a standardized assessment of agency resources, even in a blended unit, the national standard BLM checklists are required to be used on all reviews. The two most common conditions for interagency review are:

·           Units where the suppression resources and their management work in conjunction with BLM but have a separate agency specific chain of command.  The BLM team will review local suppression resources, equipment, and individuals.  The team leader will offer a separate verbal closeout and written assessment of the cooperating agency preparedness level the respective agency administrator.  This written assessment will not be included in the BLM local or statewide reports.  Follow-up and corrective action is the responsibility of the cooperating agency.  The review team requires no response to this assessment and the local BLM units are not responsible for implementation of related recommendations.  The cooperating agency may assign personnel to work in conjunction with the BLM team, to review their agency program elements.

·           Units where the suppression resources are fully blended and supervision takes place across agency lines.  The BLM review team is required to review all employees, regardless of agency, who supervise BLM personnel.  The focus of this review will be to insure compliance with BLM national policy.  The team members will identify differences in training, qualifications, and any known differences in policy between the involved agencies.  Any noncompliance with BLM national requirements will be included in the written report and require remediation though the appropriate BLM office.  Where local BLM units have set more stringent standards than BLM national standards, compliance with these local standards is the responsibility of the local unit.  Compliance with these additional standards is not included in the review.


Review Activities
Review activities include:
  • Interviewing fire program and related personnel.
  • Reviewing and verifying required documentation.
  • Inspecting fire equipment and facilities.
  • Evaluating field fire crew drills.
  • Writing the draft report.
Functional areas reviewed:
  • Unit Agency Administrator
  • Fire Management Administration
  • Fire Operations Supervisor
  • Incident Business
  • Safety Officer
  • Fire Training and Qualifications
  • Facilities and Cache
  • Geographic Area Coordination Center
  • Local Dispatch Center
  • Radio Program
  • Aviation Management
  • Aviation Base
  • SEAT Base
  • Helicopter Module
  • Smokejumper Unit
  • Individual Firefighter
  • Engine Module
  • Interagency Hotshot Crew
  • Handcrew Non-IHC
  • Dozer
The Final Report

The final report is submitted to the Assistant Director, OF&A, within 14 days of the state close-out.  The Assistant Director, OF&A, will issue it to the State Director with a request for a written action plan.

The report includes:

  • Cover letter – Assistant Director, OF&A to State Director.
  • Commendations - recognize exemplary individual achievement.
  • Findings - identify specific fire program deficiencies
  • Discussion - elaborate on specific findings, if necessary.
  • Recommendations - recommend specific corrective action.
  • The Assistant Director, OF&A, requests a written action plan in response to the report recommendations.