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Become a Member


A letter soliciting participation on the review team is sent to the State FMO’s in December.  This letter will be distributed by each state office to its employees.  Prospective teams members need to apply through the process outlined by their specific state office for team participation.  Prospective team members will need to have the approval of their supervisor to apply.  Selection to a team will involve a significant commitment of time and effort.  Prospective team members should ensure that the commitment can be met if selected.  The OF&A Operations staff is available to answer any questions you have regarding the qualifications, duties and requirements of a team member.


Perdiem and Pay

The OF&A will pay for all travel and overtime expenses.  Each review team member will arrange for their travel to and from the review location.  All arrangements for travel once the team is assembled will be done through the Team Leader.  The base pay of the team members is the responsibility of the member’s home unit.


Travel and Lodging

Travel to and from each unit typically takes place in the morning or evening prior to or after the daily work has been completed.  Team members will travel in groups to share driving responsibilities.  One team member will be designated to track all team members to insure that they depart and arrive on time.  Coordination of departure times will allow team members adequate time to get from one place to another.  A formal check-in system will be established.  Maintaining a set travel schedule and checking-in with the team or Functional Area Leader is required.  Lodging will be coordinated through the Team Leader.  Meals are not scheduled and may take place at odd hours.  Work hours are long and may include working or traveling on weekends.


Safety Management

Safe work procedures are the responsibility of all team members.  Driving, travel and work rest are critical safety issues facing the team.  The review requires long hours and frequent driving early in the morning and late in the evening.  Time must be allowed for adequate rest and relaxation.