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How To Apply

First year smokejumper vacancies are usually advertised in the middle of October and close the first of December (these dates vary). The current application process, consists of applying through

In addition to temporary GS-5 smokejumper positions, there are other rookie smokejumper opportunities. These are announced and advertised roughly simultaneously with the dates of the GS-5 rookie smokejumper positions. The BLM Boise Smokejumpers offer positions for those with the required fire experience and permanent career conditional status. Detail opportunities for individuals looking to spend a season as a BLM Boise smokejumper are also available. These positions can be found at

Applicants are strongly encouraged to direct specific questions about rookie training or the application process to Matt Bowers, Smokejumper Crew Supervisor at (208)387-5426 or (800) 925-8307.

Hiring Process

Each year the BLM Boise Smokejumpers will receive hundreds of applications for five to ten job openings. A Human Resource Specialist surveys all applications for the first time to ensure that the minimum requirements have been met.
Applications are then surveyed to pick out information on criteria that will be used for selection. The next step is to contact the applicant by phone for an interview. In the interview, the applicant’s experience level, physical fitness, and their reasons for applying are discussed in detail. Phone interviews with the applicant’s supervisors are also conducted to find out about work attitude, work performance, ability to effectively work with others, and ability to deal with a variety of stress factors. Applications are then rated on the following criteria:

  • Length of Experience
  • Quality of Experience
  • Personal Interview
  • Supervisor’s Recommendations

The above list is not in order of weight or priority. Any of the criteria may add or detract from the overall rating. Offers of employment to selected applicants are made by using the criteria above. All applicants will receive notification of their hiring status as early as February 1st, or as late as the middle of April.