Prescribed Fire Program

The Boise Smokejumpers provide land managers with professional, motivated and highly trained prescribed fire specialists. Boise Smokejumpers supply Burn Bosses, Ignition Specialists, Holding Specialists, Fire Effects Monitors, Crewmembers and a multitude of other ICS positions. They also assist managers in writing burn plans, performing site preparation work and in performing mechanical hazardous fuels reduction work.


Boise Smokejumpers are available for prescribed fire assignment from January to May, and from September 15 to November. Availability is contingent upon management priorities.

Ordering and Coordination

Requesting Boise Smokejumpers for prescribed fire projects requires a phone call to Boise Smokejumper Rx Manager or Operations at (208) 387-5426 . Specifics for each project will be coordinated between the Smokejumper Prescribed Fire Manager and the requesting unit. Jumpers should be ordered as FFT1- “Fire Fighter Type 1” for “Boise Smokejumpers” in the Remarks section. If the ordering unit is not BLM, a task order or a reimbursable agreement would need to be set up.

On the project

Smokejumpers will arrive at the project location fully equipped with government credit card, tools, radios, equipment, transportation, food, camping supplies and other materials necessary to complete the project. Re-supply may be necessary on extended projects.


Boise Smokejumper training includes prescribed fire training. All smokejumpers responding to prescribed fire requests will be fully qualified for the position they intend to fill. Trainee assignments will receive prior approval from the requesting unit.


Boise Smokejumpers upholds the highest level of safety on all prescribed fire projects.

Physical fitness standards

Every Boise Smokejumper maintains an arduous physical fitness rating.

For additional information about the Boise BLM Smokejumper Fuels Management program, contact Smokejumper Prescribed Fire Manager Rich Zimmerlee or Tim Schaeffer at (208)387-5426.