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Professional Ethics

Interagency Hotshot Crews acknowledge their responsibilities to their sponsoring agencies and to the wildland fire community as a whole. Members subscribe to this Code of Ethics to guide them in their practice as wildland fire professionals:

  • Perform only services we are qualified, trained, equipped, and experienced to do and that can be accomplished safely. Continue to educate ourselves in order to improve our qualifications and performance. Give earnest effort and provide our best professional advice in the performance of duties.
  • Build our professional reputations on the integrity, quality, and cost effectiveness of our programs. Be accountable to home unit supervisors, incident management teams, other IHC's, and to any host unit as a safe, productive, and professional resource.
  • Conduct ourselves and our programs in accordance with the National IHC Operations Guide, relevant Agency, State and Federal policies and all operational and safety procedures.
  • Ensure the civil rights of constituents and employees by treating every person with respect.
  • Professional behavior will be exhibited at all times. Hazing, harassment of any kind, verbal abuse, or physical abuse by any employee toward any other person will not be tolerated.
  • Endeavor to enhance public knowledge and promote understanding of the functions and achievements of the wildland fire community.