Training and Fitness


In addition to completing the required initial 80 hours of critical training at the beginning of each season, we are often able to provide our employees with supplemental classroom and field training. All of our crewmembers work towards completing applicable task books and are allotted the opportunity to develop their individual career paths. Utilizing the most recent fireline leadership training techniques, we frequently conduct sand-table exercises, After Action Reviews and field exercises in order to develop decision-making abilities at all levels on the crew. A willingness to learn is valued as an essential characteristic of potential applicants.

Physical Fitness

Second only to attitude, in importance, is a high fitness level. Crewmembers depend upon one another; therefore ones weakness can endanger crew safety. To maintain a high fitness level, Interagency Hotshot Crews are required to do a minimum of one hour of organized physical training, daily.

Craig Hotshots facilities include a fully furnished weight room, fitness courses and miles of running and power hiking trails. To meet national fitness requirements and to establish a foundation on which to build upon, the annual training period (the first eighty hours) includes fitness testing (MINIMUM recommendations listed below). In addition, the pack test (Arduous Labor Requirement) must be passed within the critical period as a condition of continued employment.

Working as a Hotshot requires a strong hiking ability. Hiking while carrying weight should be a large component of any pre-season fitness preparation. Applicants must have a strong drive to achieve high standards of physical ability.

Please contact us with any questions regarding fitness expectations for crewmembers.

Minimum Recommended Fitness Standards

Pack Test: 3 miles, 45 pounds, under 46 minutes
1.5 mile run: under 11:40 minutes
Push Ups: 25 within 60 seconds
Sit Ups: 40 within 60 seconds
Bar Dips: 10
Pull Ups: 7