Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)



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July UAS Stats


Sample Data and ImageryMaps

Map 1

Map 2

Map 3

Sample 3D Images

 Iron Mountain Topo Maps:

  Project Images and Video


Safety Alerts:

IASA 15-01

IASA 2014-03


FAA Part 107 Fact Sheet                                         

Program Updates
3/29/2016 Program Update
1/21/2016 Program Update
4/19/2016 UAS Program Update Fire
7/20/2016 UAS Program Update

Links and Apps


Visit NIFC BLM's No Drone Zone (In partnership with other DOI agencies and the U.S. Forest Service)

 BLM UAS Fleet

Falcon Fixed Wing       
Falcon Fixed Wing Fact Sheet                            

 Super Bat
Super Bat Fact Sheet
Falcon Hover
Falcon Hover Fact Sheet
3DR Solo UAS
 3Dr Solo Fact Sheet

BLM UAS Contacts

Questions? Contact Guil Dustin: gdustin@blm.gov

 Education and Outreach:

NIFC External Affairs is working with the USFS and other agencies, such as the FAA, on UAS education and Outreach. Please contact Jessica Gardetto (208) 387-5458 for more information.

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