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Instructions for Watching the BLM New Web Site Overview

A screen shot of the new design:

Screen Shot of the New Design

  1. To watch the BLM’s new web site overview, you must have Adobe/Macromedia’s Flash plug-in installed in your browser. To download the free plug-in, just visit
  2. After you have performed step 1, and downloaded the compressed file (, Flash, 11.6 Mb) from our web site, extract all the files (and the folder name) using an utility of your choice (such as the compressed files feature of Windows XP or WINZIP or a WINZIP-like program). A transcript of this presentation is also available.
  3. All files must be extracted to a folder called “BLM New Web Site Overview” (without the quotation marks), or you may encounter error messages.
  4. In Windows Explorer (or other file management utility):
    1. Navigate to the new BLM New Web Site Overview folder;
    2. double-click (i.e. run) the BLM New Web Site Overview.html file;
      1. Internet Explorer (or other browsers) should load, and open the overview and start running it automatically;
  5. Make sure your computer speakers are on and the volume at an acceptable level.
  6. To control the playback, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and you will see a gray control bar. Use the controls on that bar to stop, pause, or restart the overview.
  7. The overview runs about 9 minutes, 30 seconds.