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Public Rewards from Public Lands 2000Photos from the BLM

Growth in Boise, Idaho


The BLM manages 264 million acres of public land. Public Rewards from Public Lands presents the value of these lands in economic, social, and environmental terms.

  • Letter from the BLM Director
    An introduction to the report and an outline of four aspects of land management the BLM has emphasized: Land-Use Planning for Sustainable Resource Decisions, Public Land Treasures, Watershed Restoration, and Safe Visits.

  • Maps, Tables, and Graphs
    Maps of the lands under BLM management; statistics on financial benefits from the public lands to the Federal government and the States; a summary of the BLM's wild horse and burro program and of commercial and recreational activities on BLM lands; and names and acreages of the public land treasures managed by the BLM.

  • Great Basin Restoration
    Wildland fires and invasive species have ravaged the ecological health of the Great Basin region, which includes much of Nevada and adjacent areas of California, Oregon, and Utah. The BLM is part of an initiative to protect rangelands, restore shrublands, and reclaim areas with high potential from damage that has already occurred.

  • States
    State-by-State overviews of the public lands managed by the BLM.

  • Guide to Table Data
    Definitions of the terms that occur in statistical tables throughout this report.

  • Comments
    An opportunity to send feedback to the BLM about this report.