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Bureau of Land Management
For Immediate Release: Monday, July 24, 2006
Jim Perry
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Nominations Due for Award Recognizing Responsible Fluid Mineral Development

The Bureau of Land Management is currently accepting nominations for the 2007 Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Development Best Management Practices (BMPs) Awards. The awards recognize oil, gas, and geothermal operators or rights-of-way grantees and their partners who are demonstrating leadership and creativity in reducing the environmental impacts of oil, gas, and geothermal development.

“The BMP awards are a way to recognize operators for conducting environmentally sound oil and gas development,” said Tom Lonnie, BLM Assistant Director for Minerals, Realty and Resource Protection. “Best management practices are essential to protecting other important land-based resources such as wildlife habitat and scenic landscapes as we work to ensure America’s future energy security.”

Nominees should exemplify responsible fluid mineral development on BLM-managed public lands, other Federal agency lands, Indian trust lands, or on split estate lands where the surface is privately owned and the BLM manages the mineral estate. Nominations will be accepted through October 1, 2006.

Operators, regulatory authorities, surface management agencies, Tribes, trade organizations, nearby landowners, individual Indian mineral owner, and members of the general public may nominate operators. Company officials and staff may nominate their own operations.

Nominations must contain all of the information listed in the “BMP Awards Program Announcement” at Nominations should be sent to the BLM State Office with jurisdiction for the lands where the operation is located.

A panel consisting of representatives of the BLM, the energy industry, and conservation groups will review the 2007 nominations. Three Operator Awards for 2006, the first year of the BMP awards program, will be presented at the Rocky Mountain Natural Gas Strategy Conference in Denver on August 8.

BMPs are innovative, dynamic, and economically feasible mitigation measures applied on a site-specific basis to reduce, prevent, or avoid adverse environmental impacts. By reducing the area of disturbance, adjusting the location of facilities and utilizing various other techniques to minimize environmental effects, oil, gas, and geothermal operators are significantly reducing wildlife habitat and scenic quality impacts associated with new energy development on public lands. More information about BMPs is available at .