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Fluid Minerals

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Electronic Commerce (eCommerce) for Operators

Electronic Permitting

Automated Fluid Minerals Support System (AFMSS)


Electronic permitting, or Electronic Commerce (EC), is a method that an operator or permit agent can use to send oil and gas permit applications and reports directly to the BLM via the Internet.  This includes:
     o  Notice of Staking (NOS)
     o  Application for Permit to Drill (APD)
     o  Well Completion Report
     o  Sundry Notice
     o  Attachments (documents, maps, drawings, etc.) for a permit or report.

How does an operator get involved in EC?
There are two ways an operator can apply to use electronic permitting:
     1.  Call Paul Brown, AFMSS Project Manager, at 303-234-8586, or
     2.  The operator can send an email request to: Paul Brown.

Internet Instructions
Go To: WIS Permits Page
     o  Click on the "Request a User Account" button and fill in the information.

Under either option we will need to know:
The company name and office address
     o  The name, telephone number and e-mail address of the person who will be the
               BLM point of contact for the Electronic Permitting in that office

     After BLM receives a request, the operator will be sent a packet in the mail that will contain a Trading Partner Agreement which the operator must review and sign as well as additional information. 
     Once an operator request has been approved, a special ID and password will be issued that will confidentially identify them.  This user ID and password will allow the operator to start submitting permit applications and any related reports for their company electronically.

Operator Hardware/Software Requirements
To submit electronic permits the operator will need a Personal Computer (PC) with a reliable Internet connection.
     Minimum PC Requirements:
     o  Windows 95, Windows 98, NT, XP, or Windows 2000
     o  Either Netscape Communicator 4.5 or higher, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 (w/SP2) or higher
     o  Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher

Operator Benefits
Permit/report is transmitted for free over the internet, a savings of fax, postage, and overnight mail costs.
     o  Operators receive automatic confirmation that information was delivered, so they don't have to call the BLM office to check on the permit.
     o  Operators can print a copy of the electronic permit/report in the approved BLM format to include in their files or send to other agencies



The AFMSS project was originally sponsored by Joe Chesser in the BLM New Mexico State Office.  AFMSS replaced two PC-based systems:  The Automated Inspection Records system (AIRS) which contained district office oil and gas information, and the Monthly Report of Operations (MRO) that contained copies of the Minerals Management Service's production information.  AFMSS also provides additional functionality not found in either of these two old systems.

AFMSS went into production in the BLM field offices in 1997, and officially entered operations and maintenance status in 1998.  The original versions of AFMSS included an AIX client.  However, since AFMSS v2.3, the client portion of AFMSS only runs on the Windows platform.

AFMSS is used to track oil and gas information on public and Indian land.  It contains data concerning lease and agreement ownership, well identification, location and history, including casing information, geologic formations, resource protection, production, and operator compliance.  The system has an electronic commerce module to interface with the oil and gas industry.

AFMSS is used in all BLM field offices and State Offices which are involved in supporting the Fluid Minerals Program.


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