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New BLM Land-Use Planning Manual and Handbook

Following internal agency review and public review and input, the Bureau of Land Management finalized a new manual and handbook for land-use planning. The manual section and handbook replaces the entire "1600" planning manual series with the exception of manual section 1613 which relates to Areas of Critical Environmental Concern and handbook 1624-1 which relates to planning for fluid minerals resources. The new guidance, which relates to the BLM's preparation and updating of its land-use plans, encourages greater public participation throughout the planning process. The BLM manual and handbook will also make it easier for land managers to update and amend land-use plans as necessitated by new information (such as the listing of a threatened or endangered species) or because of changing conditions and trends that affect vegetation, soil, water, and other resources. The guidance, which emphasizes the BLM's need to work collaboratively with communities located near public lands, also promotes planning across land-ownership and administrative boundaries.

Under Federal law, the BLM prepares land-use plans that serve as the basis for all activities including livestock grazing, energy and mineral development, recreation, and natural resource protection that occur on BLM-managed lands. The new guidance updates a land-use planning manual that the BLM prepared in the 1980s, shortly after the BLM published its planning regulations in 1983.

Land-Use Planning Manual
Land-Use Planning Handbook
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