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Mineral Surveys

There are mineral surveys (MS) located in Montana and South Dakota. A survey is/was required to patent a mining claim (unless the claim could be described by aliquot parts); however, not all surveyed claims are patented.

MS records are maintained for each state, and plats are available in aperture card format (Montana is available in microfiche format as well). We only maintain survey notes for claims in Montana, and the notes are on the microfiche with the plats. We have microfiche to cross-reference claim name to survey number.

Please note, in Montana there were two mineral districts for a while, so there is a duplication of some of the mineral surveys numbered 37 through 72 (called District 2).


Homestead Entry Survey

Homestead entry surveys (HES) in the states of Montana and South Dakota are usually found in otherwise unsurveyed areas and within a Forest Service boundary.

HES were required when an applicant established a metes and bounds land entry claim within an unsurveyed area. These records are filed by survey number.

Official survey notes and plats for Montana are currently being scanned and uploaded to the GLO Records web site. For survey records not yet uploaded to this site contact the Montana State Office Public Room at MT SO Information@blm.gov or call (406) 896-5000   to request specific survey notes and plats. Charges for copying records vary depending upon requests. Please see the Cost Recovery Fees page for a complete list of charges.