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 Map Order Form

Use the appropriate State Map Index to locate the number and name of maps.

Mail this form, along with your check or money order payable to Department of Interior - BLM, to:

BLM Map Sales
5001 Southgate Drive
Billings, Montana 59101

****Please do not send cash****

Actual mailing costs will be charged for all requests for special mailings.

The Montana State Office now accepts MasterCard and Visa. If you would like to expedite your order by using your credit card, you may place your order over the phone by calling (406) 896-5000 or fax to (406) 896-5298.


Name/Number of MapSeries:
SME, SME Minerals,


All maps are $4.00 each


Name _________________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address ________________________________________________________________

City ________________________________ State _________________ Zip Code ___________

Phone Number _________________________________________________________________



For accurate shipment, please complete the following mailing label. Please print or type.