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Oil and Gas Field Maps display base data such as roads, streams, and township/range lines. They also display oil and gas information, including leases, communitization agreements, units, participating areas, fields, and well information. For further information, contact the North Dakota Field Office at 701-227-7700.

Spotted Horn--.rtl print fileStewart Lake--.rtl print fileStoneview--.rtl print file
Spotted Horn mapStewart Lake mapStoneview map
Temple--.rtl print fileTioga--.rtl print fileTracy Mountain--.rtl print file
Temple mapTioga mapTracy Mountain map
Trailside--.rtl print fileTrenton--.rtl print fileTrotters--.rtl print file
Trailside mapTrenton mapTrotters map
Van Hook--.rtl print fileWabek--.rtl print fileWest Mosher--.rtl print file
Van Hook mapWabek mapWest Mosher