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Montana/Dakotas Instruction Memoranda FY2012

Issued 10/01/2011 to 09/30/2012

Date Issued


Subject Line


Request for Vegetation Assessment, Inventory, and Monitoring Data

3/28/2012MT-2012-057Review of Draft Migratory Bird Guidance Instruction Memorandum
3/22/2012MT-2012-056Policy on Equal Employment and the Prevention of Harassment
3/7/2012MT-2012-051Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) Project Submissions
2/15/2012MT-2012-044Annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) for Government Provided Housing (GPH)
2/14/2012MT-2012-042Guidance to Address Alternative Development in Livestock Grazing Permit Renewals
1/30/2012MT-2012-025 Change 1Effectively Using Communications as a Tool, Change 1
12/23/2011MT-2012-027Heavy Equipment Management
12/14/2011MT-2012-025Effectively Using Communications as a Tool
12/14/2011MT-2012-023Guidance for Producing Publications within the BLM Montana/Dakotas
12/8/2011MT-2012-022Third Triennial Report to Congress 2011 Summary, Recreation Enhancement Act

External Affairs, Communications

11/8/2011MT-2012-010Request for Review of Draft Guidance on Addressing Alternative Development in Livestock Grazing Permit Renewals
10/18/2011MT-2012-004Adoption of Most Recent Edition of the International Building Code