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United States Department of the Interior
Montana State Office
5001 Southgate Drive
Billings, Montana 59101-4669

May 31, 2012

6500 (MT923) P                                                                                                         
Information Bulletin No. MT-2012-030
To:                   Montana Dakotas Leadership Team
From:               State Director
Subject:            Biologist Summer Workshop and Training
This Instruction Bulletin (IB) details the agenda of the biologist workshop planned for July 30- August 2, 2012, in the Missoula Field Office (FO).
Workshop participants will tour Missoula FO projects, and discuss issues and solutions. The workshop will also provide opportunities to discuss statewide issues and a good chance of advancement or progress and to meet with current and potential project partners. 
Attendance by all biologists is requested. Supervisors, managers, and staff working in other disciplines are also welcome.  The proposed agenda is attached (Attachment 1). The agenda is flexible and additional topics may be suggested. The evening of July 31, 2012, will be spent in a field camp.
There will be some expenditure of travel budgets but the workshop was planned to make it as efficient as possible by including one night in a field camp setting.  The benefits participants will receive from the workshop will be an increased awareness of expanding the accomplishments through partnerships and the ability to apply for special initiatives such as Healthy Landscapes, and Climate Change funding.
Similar workshops were held in 2009 in the Havre FO, 2010 in Dillon, and 2011 in Miles City.  These workshops allow attendees to learn from the experiences of different field offices and they enhance efficiencies within the wildlife, threatened and endangered (T&E), fisheries, and botany programs.  These workshops have involved discussion of recent science relating to these impacts and how each BLM office was considering the management of Greater sage-grouse, fisheries management issues, forest management issues, reservoir management, prairie dogs, and prescribed fire and fuels management.
If you have any questions, please contact John Carlson, (406) 896-5024.
Signed by:                                                                        Authenticated by:
Katherine P. Kitchell                                                           Cynthia Woody
for Jamie E. Connell                                                           Staff Assistant (MT923)
State Director
1 Attachment
       1-Workshop Agenda (1 pp)
1278 (MT934.LC/DD) P                                                                                             

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